Veteran WWII

WWII was the most catastrophic war in history. It was so severe that it lasted for 7years, from 1939 – 1945. It included several countries, including the world powers. The prominent peak of this war produced the Axis Powers vs the Allied powers. Over 30 countries were part of this great war, with over 100 million soldiers involved directly in the war. 

Top contenders in the war came with all the might of their military, with economic, scientific and industrial resources to back them up. This devastating war recorded fatalities of up to 80 million. Millions of lives were claimed through genocide, starvation and various type of diseases that plagued the participants of this war. A lot of bombings were also carried out by military aircraft, most of these bombings were directed to specific populated areas to neutralize the threat in the region. Nuclear weapons were also deployed via means of aircraft.

How It Started

The war started on September 1st, 1939, when the Germans attacked Poland. It was after this attack that the United Kingdom and France set their sights on Germany, declaring war on them. However, the Germans dominated the war from 1939 to 1941 conquering a vast significant population of Europe. They went on to become allies with Japan and Italy which became known as the Axis Powers

Germany went on to claim territories like Finland, Romania and Poland. The Soviet Union carved out territories for themselves in these regions too. The campaign that raged in some regions in Africa led to the conquest of France in 1940. 

The war eventually led to a great battle between the Axis powers (Germany, Japan and Italy) and the Allied powers (Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union). Some of their significant clashes where: The battle of the Atlantic and the British air force battle.

In 1941, the Axis alliance led by the Germans invaded the Soviet Union; this clash led to one of the largest land wars in history. Before World War II began, Japan, one of the members of the Axis powers, was at war with China in 1937. Their goal was to take over the whole pacific and Asia. 

Japan went further to attack some European colonies located in the Asian/Pacific regions, and the United States in 1941. It prompted the United States to declare war against Japan, thus making the United states to join the war in 1941, and becoming part of the Allied powers

The Axis powers in support of Japan’s attack against the United States also returned the favor by declaring war on the United States. Japan progressed further in the war, taking over the west pacific. However, they were defeated in the battle of Midway in 1942. The advance of Italy and Germany was also halted in Stalingrad and Northern Africa respectively. 

The Axis powers were strategically defeated in Italy, Sicily, the Pacific and the eastern front by the Allied powers. The Allied powers went further to retake France from the Germans. The Soviet Union fought back gallantly and eventually recaptured their lost regions before facing the Germans. Between 1944 – 1945, the Japanese were kept at bay from capturing Main Asia, the Allied powers eventually swept in and took out the entire Japanese Navy to recapture the West Pacific.

The war finally came to a conclusion when the allied powers invaded Germany. The Soviet Union captured Berlin, this led to Adolf Hitler taking his life, and the Germans had no choice but to surrender on May 8th 1945. Japan, now the remaining member of the Axis powers refused to surrender; this prompted the United States to launch an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th 1945 and another on Nagasaki on August 9th 1945. Japan eventually surrendered on August 15th 1945 and conceded defeat to the Allied powers, thus marking the victory for the Allied powers as they recaptured Asia from the Japanese. Eventually, this will lead to the end of World War II.

Granddaughter of WWII Veteran

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Daughter of WWII Veteran

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Son of WWII Veteran

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Wife of WWII Veteran

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Proud Granddaughter of WWII Veteran

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Proud Daughter of WWII Veteran

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WWII was a war that shaped the World to the way it is today. Families of WWII Veteran’s should make it a priority to keep the memories of these WWII Veterans Alive always.