More Tips To Wear Your Iwb Holster

At first thought, it is elementary to feel like wearing a good IWB holster doesn’t require much work. You then think that all you need to do is place the gun into the holster and then have it placed around your waist. While it’s not entirely a hard thing to do, there are a couple of things you should put in mind. 

You need to be aware of where you need to position the gun and how you need to have it placed because these two tricks will determine how best you can carry your firearm. Different factors directly impact your gun is well-placed and how comfortably it sits on your waist. 

The beauty of using holsters is quite a handful, and one of them is the fact that you can have your weapon hidden that no one would ever get a hint that there’s something with you. 

However, you don’t just know how to go about it until you learn a few tricks or know some tips that would help you become good at it.

There are a couple of methods people use to have their weapons concealed, and you can make up your mind on which of them you find more appropriate. These methods are prevalent, and they provide the most accessible mediums for usage. 

It would be best to get yourself acquainted with these tips because they are your direct ticket to becoming a good user of the holster for specific practical reasons.

Five Useful Tips For Wearing The IWB Holster

1. Discovering The Best Position 

This is an essential part of your way to becoming a better user of the holster, and that explains why it appears on the top of the list. Ensure you’re carrying it the right way because it’s the only way to ensure your safety if you have to make use of it for any reason. 

To find the best spot, you may be required to check out different angles around your waist till you discover the one that fits the most. 

As you switch between different positions, don’t standstill. You can walk or move around as if you’re taking a usual walk. 

You can walk across your street, get into your car, come out, try out different kinds of chairs and sitting positions, bend, adjust or shift to different postures and places, and you could also try flexing.

While you’re doing all of this, you can try to beckon on a close friend to help monitor carefully and make sure that the movements you’re making are not making it obvious you’re with a weapon. They can also check to confirm whether or not your clothing is being caught in any way.

Different people have different position choices because body types vary. This will help you determine the best way to have it on your body.

2. Checking Concealability Levels 

The most common reason people keep their guns back at home is that they don’t find it comfortable carrying them around. You will also leave your holstered pistol behind if you find out that it always goes out of position anytime you have it on.

The sole reason for concealing your weapon is so that the people around you are safe, and it is needless leaving the gun behind because by then, you’re only handing your attacker an advantage already.

An essential aspect of providing comfort while wearing your holster is getting it properly positioned. However, it can be made more straightforward than you may have thought. To do this, the very first thing to do is to wear a belt made of thick leather. 

This will prevent the pistol from going out of position because it won’t find a way to warp the belt, and you would also not need to worry about the firearm sliding uncomfortably. Also, it would be best if you endeavored to discover the area of your body that gives the best positioning spot.

3. Ensure It’s The Right One For Your Pistol 

You should try as much as possible to get a holster that your gun would fit into properly. If you’re new to the game, the go-to option would be that you get a universal one. This is not the best option because it’s not always promised that the weapon would sit comfortably in it. 

This is why you should opt for the one that is the best fit for your gun because they do a great job providing the best compartment for your pistol.

4. Make Sure It’s Readily And Easily Adjustable 

You don’t want to encounter any problems with bringing out your pistols when you need to. While you should look out for holsters that your gun would fit into perfectly, you should also bear in mind that you need one that gives you the maximum satisfaction.

Once you get one with these two features, you will not have any problems when attempting to draw out your weapon.

5. Know How Best To Use It

There are tons of reasons why you should know how to make perfect use of your holster because only then can you confidently go out with it in public.

Many people purchase the weapon compartment and take it out in the open without first having to be sure how to make proper use of it. You will most likely have a couple of reasons to regret if you attempt something similar to this.

To be on the safe side, ensure that you are well-equipped with adequate-enough information and knowledge on how best to use a pistol holster before attempting to go out with it. If you follow these steps, then you’re on your way to becoming conversant with the IWB holster, and then you can carry it around with some confidence. If you need to choose a good iwb holster, check out the comprehensive guide from

Final Words

Even the cops were once novices at using holsters, so you should not bother about not having any knowledge of it. Once you can master these tips and put them into use, you can become even better at controlling, balancing, and making use of your firearm the best way possible.