Beginners Guide to Air Rifles – Springer Arrow & PCP Air Rifle

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Today we’re doing a very basic beginners gold or difference between a Springer arrow and a pcp air rifle.  Not going to show you how to scoop or zero them that’s a totally different subject.

This is just real basics for people who don’t really know the difference when they’re getting into air gunning.  We have 22 caliberand a Remington Express,  they call them Springer’s of course they work off spring power.

This is brake barrel and I’m going to show you the difference between how these operate and how free charge units operate so very simple.

Spring Rifle

We have pellets to load the Springer guns, we break the barrel and pull it down and you put a single shot, most Springer’s are like this. In fact all spring is like this they’re all single shot.  You put the barrel up push, the safety off, and then make sure you safe going range look though your scope, that’s done one single shot and then you have to load it again and off you go. 

With a CPC gun far lighter, it has an air gauge in the bottom so you make sure you’ve got air, there’s a magazine that holds 10 pellets so you will see that works very well.

PCP Air Rifle

Pull back out then remove the magazine, we put 10 pellets in PCP stands for pre charge unit. This is a .22 gamble Fox sister gun to a lot of BSA’s, lot of shared parts. A lot of people who are now starting out in the hobby probably don’t really know which gun to go for what suits them best. Once your magazines loaded drop it in, push the bolt back and that’s now ready to shoot one shot, two shots, that simple and you just keep doing this one , you should turn pellets then you
just reload your magazine again. You’ll use a lot more pellets with these, but they’re not a lot more accurate, they’re very much easier to shoot than Springer’s. If you shoot a springer and hit target with that you’ll certainly get on with PCP, with spring as you do get recoil when the gun has a little bit of kick but with CPC gun you get absolutely none. 

That’s your basic difference between a PCP gun and a spring gun. One thing to know these are quite maintenance-free both guns, I do clean the barrels about once and one through with a little bit of lubrication round-trip Bolton. It’s not let else do them they, are that simple to use very reliable.

This particular going into to form running about 11 foot pound which is about the UK limit. I get about 60 consistent shots before the sneeze refilling with air. You will see another article where I do actually charge this with air using a two stage compressor. 

Some people use dolphin bottle scuba tanks but I just use a compressor because I only shoot from home. So if you’re on the market for getting into air rifle, this is the basic difference between the two prices range anywhere, from spring guns they range anywhere from fifty pound to five hundred pounds.  PCP guns range from anywhere from three hundred pound to three thousand pounds.

So you have the PCP target era going guarantee you’ll enjoy shooting these a lot more than a springer, but these are ammunition hungry, you get through pellets an alarming rate with them when you fire and ten off in about thirty seconds. I hope it’s helped somebody out how you stinking of getting into the hobby.