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Gun cleaning is probably the least fun aspect of hunting or shooting. It could be downright tedious and boring. The process of scrubbing a barrel finely can take a lot of time. In some instances, you may have to invest an hour or so to clean the gun effectively. Due to the repetitive nature of cleaning and time, majority of shooters clean their gun halfheartedly in a rush. However, this can compromise your shooting skills. You ought to clean the air rifle or gun properly to keep it in good working condition for taking accurate shots. If you lack information on properly cleaning a gun, follow the below guidelines.

By: Madison Scott-Clary

Steps Involved In Gun Cleaning

Select a well ventilated area for cleaning

Make certain that the room you choose for cleaning has good air circulation. The reason is solvent fumes in firearms are toxic and could make you sick. Also, the room must be spacious enough to keep the parts of the gun separate. A well ventilated, spacious area will allow room for toxic pollutants to get out from the room and help you to do the job in less time.

Always wear an eye protection

A chemical might splash on your eyes or a spring could come off of the gun. This can be dangerous to your eyesight. So put on safety glasses first before you start with the cleaning procedure.

Use a tray

Many guns have tiny parts such as springs and pins. If you lose any of these parts while dissembling, you might not be able to reassemble the gun after cleaning. Using a tray will help you to not lose these tiny parts in the carpet or flooring.

Unload your gun

By: Mika Järvinen

Always take some time to unload the firearm. Double check to ensure that it is unloaded each time you pick it up for cleaning. Note that your gun may still have a bullet that is ready to fire even after removing the magazine. So check it out and remove the bullet.

To do this, open the chamber and look through the barrel from back to front. Confirm that no round (bullet) remains inside, either in the chamber or stuck in the barrel. You just can't say that a particular gun is unloaded unless you have looked through the barrel thoroughly.

Disassemble the gun as per the instructions of the manufacturer

While disassembling firearms is not a big deal, you ought to read the manufacturer's manual in case you have any questions related to disassembling. Bending a part of your weapon is the last thing you would like to have in your mind due to ineffective disassembling. So check the instruction manual and adhere to the directions to avoid any problem while removing the parts of the gun.

Use the right cleaning products

Remember that cleaning firearms is not a simple chore. Also, you need special items to clean the gun properly. Never use home cleaning products for cleaning a firearm; you will end up creating a mess. Instead, buy special solutions meant for cleaning guns. In this way, you will avoid any problem and ensure that the cleaning chore is done effectively as required.

Clean the barrel with cotton patches and a cleaning rod

Soak the inner part of the barrel with the help of the cleaning rod, suitable cotton patches and patch holder. If possible, start from the back side of the bore. In case that is not possible, use the muzzle guard. This guard keeps the rod from hitting against the muzzle, which might eventually cause your firearm to malfunction.

To clean the barrel thoroughly, insert a solvent-soaked patch through the bore's one end until it comes out of the other end. Remove the patch from the exit end of the weapon. Do not pull it back because pulling it back will redeposit the residues you just clean off.

Alternate the patches and bore brush to scrub the barrel thoroughly

Next, attach the bore brush after removing the patch holder. Move the bore brush back and forth along the full length of the bore three to four times to loosen dirt and debris. Now reattach the patch holder and push cotton patches (solvent-soaked) all through the bore. Remove the patches when they come out from the front. Do this process until a cotton patch comes out completely clean. Finally, push one more patch of dry cloth and ensure that there are no debris and dirt left inside the barrel.

Lubricate the barrel

Apply some drops of a gun lubricant or conditioner to the cotton mop. Add this mop to the cleaning rod. Run the rod through the bore to apply a light coat of gun oil in the inner part of the barrel.

Clean, lubricate the action with a solvent

Put some solvent on the gun brush, and brush all of the parts of the action smoothly. Use a clean cloth to wipe and dry the parts. Next, lubricate the moving parts of the action. A light coating prevents rusting; so apply the lubricant gently.

Clean the magazines

By: hydropeek

When you clean your weapon, clean the magazines you have used in the last 500 rounds. This avoids jamming of bullets in magazines. Also, cleaning magazines is pretty simple and do not take much time. So make sure you clean dirt from magazines too.

Wipe the rest of the gun and reassemble your firearm

Use a flannel cloth that is pre-treated with a silicon lubricant to wipe the gun. This will remove any leftover debris and add shine to the weapon. Finally, assemble the parts of the gun, and test it out without a bullet to ascertain that everything is in order.

Bottom line

Properly cleaning a gun after every time it is fired is imperative. Failing to do so can hamper your shooting skills. It can also lead to some kind of undesirable accidents resulting from poorly taken shots. The good news is you can avoid any such situation by cleaning your gun properly. Aside from time, you need to put sincere efforts to clean your firearm properly. If you are really serious about cleaning and maintaining your firearm, follow the above tips and you will be able to sustain your gun in good condition.